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L’Lass Miniature Donkeys is a venture started by three sisters of Scottish heritage, Shanna, Starr and Kim. The idea was born in 2010 and Shanna’s family farm (Jones Hereford Ranch) soon welcomed a modest herd of five donkeys from established breeder, Sue Winsor of Hooves Etc. While Shanna hosts the donkeys, sister Kim has become training & showing partner. Starr cheers us on faithfully and the trio is hoping to add her to the show circuit!

"Lass" is the Scottish term for young girl, and L'Lass is an abbreviation for "Little Lass," which is also a perfect description of the small female donkeys.  The logo with three thistles represents the three sisters. 

In 2011 they added two geldings to the herd who have sinced been trained for trail & jumping classes as well as driving.  The original herd came with a breeding agreement, so they summered in 2011 with some well-known jacks at Cooke Livestock (Sharon & Grant Cooke) and Windy P'ass'tures (Judith & Dennis Flundra).  The herd has been added to with jennet purchases from Flundra's & Cooke's as well as the purchase of two jacks.

Shanna & Kim have been showing annually in Red Deer at the Miniature Donkey Extravaganza since 2012. They have also added the Calgary Stampede Miniature Donkey Showcase to their annual outings since 2014. They are happy to share their enthusiasm for these delightful donkeys.  Jones' farm is only 10 minutes from the Calgary Airport and coffee is always on!




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